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Teleradiology Enhances The Healthcare Industry

A San Francisco, California resident, Peter “Pete” Killcommons graduated from the New York Medical College, where he obtained a doctor of medicine. He currently serves as the chief executive officer of Medweb, a company that specializes in telemedicine. Peter Killcommons is dedicated to expanding the reach of medicine through telemedicine, teledermatology, and teleradiology.

Teleradiology, or remote radiology, is already a highly used practice in the healthcare industry throughout the world as it is highly beneficial for facilities and patients. Teleradiology is a term that describes the remote transfer of digitalized medical patient images through hospital connections. One way teleradiology helps the healthcare industry is that it provides fast diagnostics. In this way, a patient can be screened or diagnosed at one hospital, and their medical file can be sent to another hospital instantly, and they can receive instant care and treatment.

Teleradiology also reduces costs associated with transport as the medical images or files no longer have to be transported physically by people. It can also help doctors get more opinions about a particular patient’s condition. The images can be sent in just a few seconds, aiding doctors in treating patients more efficiently.

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